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June 5th, 2024
Two incredible lab-grown diamonds — the 75.33-carat "Celebration of India" and the all-diamond 30.69-carat "Infinity Ring" — drew a four-day stream of fascinated onlookers at the recent JCK Show in Las Vegas.


Grown by Mumbai-based Ethereal Green Diamond, the "Celebration of India" is billed as the largest faceted lab-grown diamond to date. According to a company spokesperson, the finished square emerald-cut gem was crafted from a 190-carat rough stone. It took about 270 days to grow the rough diamond and about 30 days to cut and polish it.

Show attendees and members of the press were offered the chance to handle the record-breaking stone, which is estimated to be worth $5,000 per carat, or about $375,000.

International Gemological Institute (IGI) graded the stone as Type IIa with excellent polish and symmetry. Type IIa diamonds are chemically pure and are often colorless or near-colorless.


Sharing a display case with the "Celebration of India" diamond was the "Infinity Ring," a fascinating all-diamond eternity ring crafted from a single crystal with no metal support.

"This unique ring was carved out from a 98.88-carats rough," according to Ethereal Green director Hirav Virani. "The Infinity Ring took about 146 days to grow and 90 days to take on its 'freeform modified shape'."

"The Infinity Ring" remained in its case throughout the jewelry show due to its delicate nature. One of the company's representatives shared that the process of cutting the finger hole through the crystal can easily cause to the whole piece to fracture. The company overcame two failed attempts at its state-of-the-art facility in Surat, India, before achieving success, he said.

The all-diamond ring, which was also graded as a Type IIa stone with excellent polish and symmetry, has a value of $500,000.

"These achievements are striking examples of Ethereal Green's dedication to innovation and ingenuity in consistently breaking their own records," stated Tehmasp Printer, CEO of IGI. "We congratulate their team in developing these extraordinary creations which showcase limitless possibilities with advanced tech in the lab-grown diamond sector."


A full-wall booth display illustrated the company's most recent milestones.

Credits: Diamond and ring images courtesy of Ethereal Green Diamond. Booth display photo by The Jeweler Blog.